Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inside looking outside

My good friend Mary called last night for me to go out and see the harvest moon.
Nice having good friends like that..that know you so well. I would have missed its rising beauty if she hadn't called. I am almost back to normal...nasty cold bug thingy !
I went out early this morning and walked around the garden filling the yard waste bin with dried leaves and old faded flowers and of course weeds. Today it is supposed to be 90! I guess Lady Summer has checked out of the Hotel but has returned for her forgotten hat......her smile does warm the day
I have set my mind into letting's time....autumn time
I embrace him knowing that he too will romance me with his ways.
I am already getting excited about pumpkins and the foolishness of Halloween
Reformation when I was growing up!
bah's's's laughter and the glee of children
So with a cup of coffee (decaff now since my accident...blood pressure up)\
I sat and looked out my kitchen window...plants sorted and presented in front of my door for full appreciation...don't want to miss one bloom
have a look


  1. So glad you are back. It's a shock to the system, to have such trauma. But you sound very good, your old self! Boo!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better. I knew if I made it to your blog you would have some pretty pictures and that makes me feel better.

  3. Look again tonight. According to my calendar, tonight is the Harvest Moon.

  4. Beautiful photos to go with such a beautiful time of the year. I like it that may have forgotten her hat ...a added gift from her.

  5. your garden is perfect place to relax and enjoy nature.


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