Friday, September 3, 2010

Snippers and a gasp

This is a rare thing for me
in my Open Bar of Joy...
No it's not raining
See that woodbine and grape mixture
climbing up my chimney
It's gone now, but that's not what's wrong
Oh dear, must I tell you that I got a bit
intoxicated with joy today happily removing
this overgrown monster off of my house
and in my euphoria I mistakenly snipped...
and I knew the minute I did it...I think the plant cried out! I do!
I snipped my second year Sweet Autumn Clematis vine!
It was just about to burst open in bloom...last year there were no blooms,
but this was loaded...and now I have to close the Open Bar of Joy
for a funeral........
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  1. Look at you...a second blog! This site looks great and I wish you continued blog joy or any joy for that matter.
    One snip too many...I've been there and done that...Clematis no less!!

  2. Oh no! Oh well what's done is done. I was cutting back potato vine once and snipped right through the tv aerial cable.

  3. Oh Suz, I know how you felt, When even one of my african violets show signs of dieing I over kill it trying to nurse it back to health.

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  5. I came to see what was blooming in your garden. Yes, I once cut the ivy from my front porch. It was beautiful, and it had taken many years to grow, in an instant I cut it down. What was I thinking? I was sorry forever.

  6. Glad to see you shine like the flower after rain...

  7. Suz~
    I am so so so sorry that you clipped your clematis vine. That is so sad. I know how you feel as I clipped off the tip of my baby finger one time. Big ouch and ohmy had to go to the ER.

  8. Sad sad thing to happen, so sorry for you.


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