Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh she's just about gone Lady Summer..her skirt trailing off in the distant horizon
which today was billowy with clouds with a few breaks in them teasing us with a shot of blue
It was cool today and my walk in the garden was really an inspection
What needs to be done
before winter sets in...yes winter
This autumn guy is way too slick and if you don't watch yourself
you'll be fooled into thinking you have time...much time to get your chores finished
not this year....I'm older and wiser
and besides it takes me a whole lot longer to get things put away
I sound like a grumpy old wench don't I
Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll feel better.....I'll look for beauty and joy
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  1. I know where Lady Summer is today, she came very quietly and was looking over Miss Spring's shoulder. So quietly that I didn't know she was peeping in at all, I went for a walk this afternoon expecting to feel dampness which even though it is sunny, as this is what Miss Spring has been giving us - bit no, Lady Summer dropped by to show what she will give when her turn arrives and I over-heated on my walk.

  2. I can see Lady Summer's skirt blowing in the wind. Brrrrr.

  3. Oh Lady summer...say hello to my friend Marilyn..she awaits
    and April it was chilly and gray and cloudy yesterday
    but I was with Finn and he made all the sunshine

  4. Winter does seem to come in with a bang. I guess I am wishing my life away When I talk about seasons. Thank you my friend for your concern when I was having so many health problems, They are still there but under control.


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