Friday, September 24, 2010

A morning walk in the garden

Oh think these pitiful things

 looked like these
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not too long ago,but I walked on

and while walking in the garden this morning after last night's gusty storm, I noticed one tiny leaf in the center of this tabletop....ohhh! I said in happiness... hoping the garden fairy heard me....I love it!

But I was humbled most by the stepping stones
that had gathered things in the night
hoping I would pause and see
what beauty still
is there for me
if I only look

I wish I could take better photos because I would have shown you the tiny damsel fly...a red one
that flitted about the goldenrod and the Thrush I spotted fleeing the red twig dogwoods as got near
but I guess I moved like a dinosaur or a rhino through the fallen leaves 
and they were gone. I'm am settling myself in to take in the entering of this new season
I know I love him, but I guess it is so easy for us humans to mourn what we had... instead of seeing what we have..... 
So I put on my "Moment" spectacles and really took a look today to go marinate some chicken for tomorrow

..oh...I see that label still on that lemon....oh dear


  1. whatever season of the year, i do love your garden. great photos.

  2. thanks Dogwood the feeling is mutual

  3. It is possible to mourn the outgoing season at the same time as welcoming the new one. Your photos are lovely and so are your words.

  4. Tjust wanred ro sat thank tou again.
    is neccessary TO SAY I will be back as soon as I get over this crud, I just hope it i will gp threough thir.

  5. Beautiful! And oh those lemons! yum.


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