Friday, September 10, 2010

Buzzy bees

See the bee inside the flower?
Gertie garden is looking her age lately
It's a good thing the bees love her obedient flowers
Walking in the garden this morning the flowers were abuzz with bees
of all kinds....sticking their noses into the flowers with such abandon
a sensuous thing to bee-hold
gatherers of pollen
pollinating my garden
as part of the glorious plan
A joy to sit and just watch
these marvelous insects hard
at work
making music this early morn
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  1. A lovely picture forms with your words and beautiful photos - so very lucky to have a garden full of bees as I haven't seen many around this area and it's worrying. I was going to write a post on this, still might.

  2. Busy little bees mean progress in our and for coming years.
    Love the buzzzzzzz

  3. How nice to see a garden full of bees. Gerties offerings are beautiful.

  4. Great photos. I find peace in the garden.


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