Friday, June 4, 2010

The word must have gone out.....she's a sucker for rabbits,especially baby ones. Yesterday I could hardly take a step without some phantom fur flying away from me into the tall plant many bunnies can one have.....but they are adorable..really...But I am mad at them now, this morning...I have been nurturing some morning glories..heavenly blue one..they have just begun to climb the trellis....Drats!!! Gone! all of them..except for a wee stick of a stem! and I know who did it!
Bunnies! Oh....some people say glories reseed so easily..not mine.....and I love the magic of them in the morning...and now gone!
Ha! but the bunnies haven't seen the ones growing in pots (red and blue) on the deck....What do you think I should do? I was going to move them close to a trellis and let them grow that way...but I know bunnies can reach pretty high for a morsel of sweetness.
My garden is exploding with life....birds everywhere...and the wrens...have arrived..I have a love hate relationship with them. They sing a song I find delightful...but I do not like their possessiveness! The Cedar waxwings are delighting me as they fight with the robins(my favorite garden bird) fight over the delicious red berries on the Serviceberry bushes. Oh such energy going on.
And Handsome,my good old feral male cat, showed up this morning...been gone for weeks..that rascal..that cad..He knows my house when he's hungry! Wouldn't you think after over 5years of feeding and healing and sheltering him..he'd stay awhile and be Eat stretch leave.... But this day I hope he keeps walking becasue I couldn't bare him eating one of my bunnies...despite their bad behavior. Oh, and did I tell very good buddy,Mary, brought me a 3 week old abondoned feral kitten last night.
yep, every 2-3hours..bottle feeding. My cats,Webster,Miss Kitty O'shea,and Abbey do not like it one bit1 Oh woe,This wench won't be spending too much time in the garden today...but maybe, I could take the baby out a bit and sit and watch the garden as I hold the precious one who has no mommie....but me....Life is not fair.
Oh....the photo.....I took this in Galena last week...thought you'd might like seeing it...I was thrilled...last year..few butterflies.
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  1. There is a new life bursting all around you. Blossoms, baby bunnies, and now a kitty. I wonder where Handsome goes when he disappears? It's interesting that you have cedar waxwing now. We only get them in the winter around here. They are so gorgeous, one of my favorite birds. I think I saw this everytime I visit you over here, but your blog makes me wish I had a big garden teeming with birds and other wildlife.

    You mentioned Letters to Juliet ... I have been wanting to see that. It does look romantic, and I love a good chick flick.

  2. Yeah...they ate my morning glories too. Yesterday I checked and there were many new seedlings that had popped up...this morning there was one small leaf left. Someone told me it was because I didn't have any clover in my grass. Well my neighbor is loaded with clover...they want the delicate plants. The cedar waxwings haven't been here yet, at least I haven't seen them...but do know they love my serviceberry shrubs. The red berries make them I've heard.

  3. Beautiful photo and oh those bunnies. I guess you got mine. I haven't seen any at all! I love them too. Saw two cedar waxwings a few days ago. What a thrill. Oh that "Handsome" - he is a survivor, isn't he? And a new kitten!!! Post a pix!!!!

  4. Glad to hear that Handsome came by to say hi and get fed. Oh, those bunnies! What to do??!!
    I do love morning colorful and precious.

    Hawaii was wonderful and my granddaughter precious.



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