Monday, June 14, 2010

I never have had luck with roses and I hate the thorns and the blackspot and Japanese beetles and I hate insecticides even more, so it has been a choice not to keep roses. When I was young and in our first home, the roses came with the house, and I just watered them and they loved me and bloomed all summer....luck...shear luck. I know that now. When we moved into this house 17 years ago..a new subdivision....not even weeds...I was talked into shrub roses.....nah! hated them...they live in another suburb now..a gift to a friend..ha ha...she's not a gardener at all..but hey, the joke could be on me...she probably just watered and they're probably still blooming!
I still have one climbing rose attached to a trellis..a garish red....but hey, I keep it..because she does her job without any help from me and I have sort of bonded with her hussy red.....being a wench and all. Now to the photo above.
Last year if you remember, I helped my daughter save plants from a new neighbor's rampage....this neighbor only wanted grass for her she ripped everything out and was going to throw it in the trash..but nearby gardeners heard the cries of these wonderful plants, including my daughter, and they began rescuing these precious beauties from certain death. I helped my daughter with wagon after wagon of plants and I even got to take a few home....I was given the rosebush. I don't have enough sun for it mom..please take it....I grit my teeth and took it home...
and it bloomed.
A lovely baby blushy pink
a poem in the sunlight
and I love it.
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  1. I think it's definitely showing you some appreciation for the rescue! It's gorgeous. At first I thought it was a peony. It's that soft pink that's really hard to find in roses. I'll bet it's a David Austen rose...maybe "New Dawn"?
    Thanks for brightening my dreary somewhat foggy day here.

  2. It is so pretty. I am a lot like you with the roses and thorns but they are very hardy and we have been trying to kill one that has absolutely gone beyond help. It looks terrible every time it comes back but come back it does.

  3. What a beauty! It likes you.

  4. How awful that person ripped everything out except the lawn. Blech. I can't understand how some people can be so blind to the beauty of trees and flowers and shrubs. You are quite the rescuer (nurturer) ... the roses, Handsome, Mr. Darcy, and I'm sure lots more. Beautiful roses. I love that soft pink.

  5. It really is beautiful!

    "a poem in the sunlight" - I love that!

  6. Oh so blessed you are, my Roses love me but my Peonie's just glare at me......asking why they are here !
    hugs, amy


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