Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm not good with Latin names.....don't want to be. I call these luscious happy flowers simply...Sundrops. These flowers have traveled with me from our 3rd house....to our present home #5. Mrs. Pheifenroth gave me the first ones. She was old and I was very young. She spoke broken english...with a German flavor. I remember her as a rather stern woman who was up early inspecting her garden daily. She had many overturned mason jars in her garden..starting new roses. She never gave me a rose...I guess she knew it would be casting her pearls before swine...then....But somehow I think if she is looking down from heaven...I hope that is where she went...she would be smiling at my pretty garden now..and at my rose. The sundrops...were disposable to her I know now...not much of a sacrifice for her to give them to me...but, I was grateful for them and they have continued to brighten my gardens for over 30 years.

Now..how did that picture get in here! :)
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  1. This reminded me of my neighbor...back 4 houses ago. Mrs. Silingo...with an Italian flavor. She gave me what she called "funkias"...they were hostas. Back then I was just beginning to garden and loved these. I guess I still do. Thanks for taking me back there.
    Always enjoy popping in here.

  2. Beautiful bright yellow flowers. Oh, such a sweet kitty sitting in the grass. So tiny compared to our rather large Rocky.


  3. You mentioned my daughter's house. It is am amazing home in the Sierra Mountains. Her husband built the house!!!! They both have tons of toys and hobbies. They have a HUGE garage with a storage loft. In fact, the house and garage are about the same size!

  4. I love the sun drops and the kitty got in there cause someone loves him.

  5. Thanks for sharing your outside space. The little kitty is so sweet and getting so big. I love the flowers, so bright and pretty. I also wanted to thank you for stopping and commenting on my 1000th post. I really appreciate the thoughts.

  6. Love your whimsical yard! and I want a baby bunny!! But with 2 cats, that's probably not a good idea.
    I would love to sit on your deck under the umbrella with a book, occasionally looking up from the pages to take in the view!


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