Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just thought I'd share what I saw in the garden yesterday. It is such a refuge for me. It is more of a wild place for a wild part of me. This year despite the early heat and the relentless rain, the garden has flourished better than it has in years. The wildlife is incredible, though hard to photograph. I need this in my life. ..this place of healing where I can sit on the deck or in the grass and just be. I especially love the early morning with its promise of a new day told to me by glorious sunrise and the song of the robin....oh I hope I hear that on my last day on earth..or maybe on my way into my digs. And I love late afternoon and dusk...where the robins sing a lullabye from the tops of trees and roofs. I couldn't be happier anywhere else....happy at home.

morning light
come to me in
from the robin
and spread your
brightess over
my garden
and when it is time
for you to travel on
leave in the
comforting notes
of the red breast


  1. Are those annabelle hydrangeas? They look close to blooming already. Your yard is wonderful.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend. xa

  2. Oh Maggie's garden..what an eye! yes!

  3. Hi Suz, It was so good to hear from you and I love your garden. My flowers is my way of keeping the hard realities of life to hard to bear. One problem is that I do not know the names of my plants I put in so sometimes a basket looks out of kilter but I enjoy it regardless. I wish I had more room. I have one area in back that I could have someone spade up but I don't think I will this year but maybe next year.

  4. Suz, Your hydrangea are so gorgeous already. And your Jackmani is dark purple like its matching crayon. If only my Oakleaf were as prolific as yours...wonderful. I am so refreshed after strolling through your paths and I thank you for sharing your space.

  5. wow,
    poetic words and graceful images,
    together, your post is perfect!

  6. Beautiful Suz. . . just beautiful.

  7. A woman after my own heart. That's all we need to feel centred and calm - a spell in the garden alone with nature and maybe a Jack Russel and a cup of tea. Beautiful sentiments and I appreciate nature so much too. Here in the UK we have so many splendid stately houses with gardens unimaginable. I have visited some but I want to visit more.


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