Saturday, June 26, 2010

My first coneflower has opened and do you see those red mums. Oh and that Bishop weed that my "dear" friend Jud gave me a while back.  She loves it.
I hope to get out in the garden this afternoon and do some puttering
Then maybe this evening I'll set the table and sit out on the deck and have an adult beverage with my mom
Go White Soxs....1/2 game out of first!

And here are the secreted away morning glories that the rabbit hasn't found ..yet
I put them out into the garden near a trellis
Keep our fingers crossed for me that I get to see at least one bloom

This is my butterfly drinking hole......and they do use it to lite upon and have a drink.
I was going to enter this photo in a photr meme..but heck I just don't know to link properly to the day appropriate post...and I'm not getting any smarter the nearer I am to.....that awful number.
But that's for another blog.
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  1. So busy, Suz, that I missed your last entry full of wonderful photos of your garden. I love the lemon balm and leave it but the mint, which I also love, sure gets out of control.
    I adore your butterfly cool when they use it, isn't it? By dreaded number, you wouldn't be talking about 35? are a beautiful young thing. Now MY dreaded number IS a dreaded number, just around the corner.


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