Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh my, all this rain...mosquito heaven! Beautiful day today..sunny about 74....perfect.....
except for the bugs and mud. These daylillies are called..Spending their inheritance! Ha...we bought quite a few that summer...
they are petite flowers. All the daylilliies seem to be opening...isn't this a bit early? See those tiny tomatoes in the background....topsy turvy...forget about it.......I give up trying to raise thumb...oh and those seedlings you see in that big pot.....well................MR.Bunny tore open some seed packets i left out on the deck and it rained and they sprouted! I had to do something....we'll see.....
Found this toad down in my window well......another rescue!!!!

If you look closely you'll see the toad up in the upper left portion of this photo
Mr. Darcy was my rescue apprentice today.
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  1. I didn't do the topsy turvey this year. I tried last year and it was so so but very heavy to move, plus it got blight before it was over. I got a few tomatoes off of it. Between going to doctors and hospitals I never found the time to get another plant. I was going to plant one in a bushel basket but it is a little late now, Toads are not one of my favorite things. Anything that hops can hop i someone wlses yard.

  2. I forgot to say I have the bight orange day lilies. They lose their petals so quick.

  3. oh lucy I love frogs,turtles and toads

  4. Suz, Your lilies and the light display of them is lovely. Your lil Mr.Darcy is doing great...and so darned cute. My daughters name is Darcie.
    About your last entry, the yellow flowers gifted to you by the elderly lady are Celandine. In Europe, they once were used for liver disorders and also for removing warts and freckles. Can you imagine. It's poisonous to chickens, and has a juice that resembles bile...good grief, heh? Very invasive also...thought you'd want to know. I'd still grow it, it's lovely to look at.

  5. Mr. Darcy is too cute for words!!!!!

  6. Ha! your daughter is wonderful...and I'm certain she loves Austin's Mr. Darcy! as well....'specially that Colin Firth one! I will have to look up that celandine...isn't that a woodland poppy? I think I had that some years back...this i think might be oenthera ...but who knows..who's pretty and in the fall its leaves turn beautiful red!....invasives...yeah I've been there way too many times


    It has been a long time without visiting..
    Happy Saturday!


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