Thursday, June 17, 2010

My husband thinks my "stuff" like that squirrel on the wall and that ginko leaf with eyes is over the top......
but it makes he likes me...What part of this doesn't he get?
I love the house, in the my jewelry and shoes.....and in my friends
Life is waaaaaaaaaay to short to not have fun
and sometimes this is all it takes to put a smile on my face....a walk in the garden or on the front porch and
a bugeyed ginko leaf...
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  1. Suz~Does you garden ever end. I love seeing pictures of little spots in your garden. I have that same little squirrel. My Guy gets it about 50% of the time! Keep the pix coming for us to enjoy in blogland. Dogwood

  2. I love your garden "ornaments". They make your garden yours!
    After reading your comments on Red Shoes, I finally visited, enjoyed and will be back!

  3. Hi cathycan! welcome... I just love Red

    Dogwood....My garden is little tiny corners and sweeping weed patches....all tastefully done

  4. I love your garden. I would be in seventh heaven if I could grow a garden like that. I did buy one tomato plant yesterday. It is late but I thought what the heck, give it a try again if I can keep the squirrels away.

  5. I totally understand Suz! - (You'd love my house and garden - I do wimsy too.) :-)

  6. Suz~~~Check out my blog. I have given you an Award!

  7. enjoy your garden...
    u r blessed!


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