Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The afternoon light caught this fairy just right,making her the stuff of make believe...right up my alley.
What would a garden be without those helper fairies...?
My camera broke....I dropped it..and the other one...I can't for the life of me find it....mental fatigue
let's just blame that. I fell asleep with the kitten this afternoon......a catnap...haha
no gardening today, except to fill the feeders
Oh, I did find out what hit my kitchen window last week....in the Annabelle hydrangeas.....
a large black and white pigeon.....I think he must have lived a while
this makes me sad.....but I guess I can't save them all
and I have never seen a pigeon here before
but he was beautiful.....I buried him
and told him I was sorry he hit my window
go in peace
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  1. My mom used to say that if a bird hit your window...you were going to hear of a death. I hope this isn't so...it always sounded a bit creepy to me. Hope it didn't crack your window. I lost my living room window twice to red tail hawks...they weren't hurt but they creamed my window. I'm not sure if I remember hearing any bad news afterward.
    Glad you had some rest.

  2. My sister in law died last week
    My grandmother used to say if it flew into your window..meaning into the room someone would die...she didn't have screens
    yikes I had forgotten that
    The wake was Sunday on father's day :0
    and funeral yesterday....the sisters in law went home today....:)

  3. I adore your garden fairy...
    I too, had one but her wing broke...
    Rather than toss her, I didn't have the heart...
    She always finds a place in the garden to rest...
    Like your piegeon...
    Old wives tale about death...
    Do not fret...
    So sorry about your Sister-in-law...
    Life has such sweet sorrow...
    Bless Your Heart Dear Girl...

  4. oh, i'm sorry about your bird.
    i'm glad you gave him a proper goodbye.
    you're right, we can't save them all.
    love that pic.


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