Monday, June 7, 2010

Lady's mantle is a delightful morning plant, its leaves holding so many dew drops.
Above it, in the photo, it is followed by autumn joy sedum.....Wasn't always that way.
where lady's mantle was supposed to be..was...until one Fall I paid some men to clean the garden....they pulled up all my Lady's mantle. It had taken me years of dividing to get it to grow all along the side of the house........
So instead I filled the space with sedum by propogation which is a whole lot easier...but not as pretty.
I learned my lesson.....seasonal workers work hard..but they don't know plants.
I lost a lot of plants that year.......
no short cut goes unpunished

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  1. I simply like flowers and at times when I don't know what I am doing and just go for "I like this" it turns disastrous. I am trying to use containers since my husband pacemaker/defib and lots of drugs to help his heart along does not need to be over taxed. But as I said I love anything green and we have more green weeds than anything.

  2. That's devastating to loose some plants that take forever to get established. Your gardens are so wonderful. You have inspired me to edge all of mine more carefully to lessen the load. Finally finding some satisfaction in 'some' of the beds is so rewarding.
    have a wonderful gardening week

  3. That is so pretty. You are an amazing lady and gardener. I love your garden. I am going to Grass Valley tomorrow and staying for a few weeks. I will be out in the garden for sure along with some art projects. Lots of fun...


  4. Gorgeous plant Suz and a lovely photo too!

    Perhaps when you have a minute you could come over to and help identify some plants in my garden for me, I am sure you will know the name of at least one of them!

    I hope all is well with you and the kitten, I am thinking of you both and sending love. . .



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