Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is one of those plants brought in by the birds...The Elderberry. Right now it has finished blooming...a beautiful display of big clusters of white flowers that are so fragrant you can enjoy them way across the garden. Almost like a lilac...
Many "gardeners" would kick me right out of their club with this common roadside plant in my midst. Well, they have never enjoyed the benefits of all kinds of birds going nutso for the berries. Literally dozens of them on the bush at a time...all getting drunk. I love it...It is after all my "open bar of joy".......and all you robins,cedar waxwings,blackbirds...welcome
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  1. This made me smile - as I have a huge Elderberry bought in by the birds too! I am more concerned what the birds and other garden visitors think of what grows in my garden than other 'gardeners' - So glad you are too! :-)

    Love to you dear lady! x

  2. Suz I know in parts of the world they make Elderberry wine..perhaps the reason why the birds really enjoy your "open bar of JoY"!
    I know IKEA sells Elderberry imported food products.

    Suz, you touced my heart when you remembered my dear mother after viewing my pink roses.
    Yes I too feel her presence when I'm with my roses..
    Mwah to you for caring. love and light anna xo

  3. What fun to have an Elderberry in your yard. Pretty flowers and calls out to the birds to come to you yard.

    Happy gardening...Dogwood

  4. Suz, this is great. I LOVE the Elderberry bushes. They are native to our woods and many line our drive to the cabin. Now I need one in my yard so I can watch the birds belly up to the bar.

  5. At first I was confused in my elderly head and thinking gooseberries. That looks like it is really pretty. I would never , ever ask anyone I loved to pick gooseberries . Mom would say a nice gooseberry pie would be good and I would try to hide. We have been taken over by blackbirds. My tomato plant is just doing so so.


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