Wednesday, October 24, 2012

glory....this morning
I opened  the door to it
yes, I did
The garden never fails
to present me with gifts
just when I need them
need to be reminded of the
ordinary glory that is all around....a speck of heaven- grace
that flickers in life...for all to see
It is this simple display of gracey blue
that lifts my day...about to begin
I have much to do in the garden...
last things.....before it is time to come inside
...inside.....I rather need this inside time
Today it is going to 78
a gift to this gardener who has been neglectful
of the chores to be done
today Missy...get it all done
gather up
put away
wash thoroughly
rake up the remains
say goodbye
say thank you
say see you next year
God willing


  1. You're right about the garden, and your photos and your post is a perfect reminder of that! I love Morning Glories, and have got to remember to throw seeds out for next year.

    Take care, and enjoy the warmth of this crazy October!

  2. A lovely find. I hope you got a lot done in the garden.

  3. Oh those morning glories are glorious. They are one of my favorite vines and it must have been a wonderful thing to see as you begin your day:) Your garden in fall,summer, spring or winter is art.


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