Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh happy Jack....I see you
...saw you scouring around for peanuts
Well, I'm out of robbed the bag yesterday and ran
so now you have to wait
you little pig....and look at what you have done to that bird condo

ah...sister cone flower....rise
it is not too late
It is never too late for a woman to rise

Autumn takes away most of the flowers of the summer garden
but she paints a lovely leaf

tiny go girls

My beloved morning glories....oh you I will miss the most
I feel like the movie ...saying goodbye to the scarecrow
I know how she feels.....oh you make my heart ache a bit seeing your new buds
that may or may not unfurl

Indigo....false or leave a bit of yourself for my winter pleasure

this is the last of this flower..that I have a mental block about remembering its name
oh dear ..that's like forgetting what a dandelion is called
I better walk today...get the blood circulating

my little side garden....blustery with hydrangea balls
I used to take them in...but kitties like them too much
and what a mess they make

so I will compliment you here... in front of me
your autumn ball gown so perfect for the dance of Fall
And then there is you.....fern.....
you survived quite well in my dark, cold garage last winter
in  doubled in size this year in the garden
who knew you would thrive in this summer's heat
I will take you in again...but it is going to be a task
I'll have to get a's hoping you make it again in my garage

I am awed by the process of season
how it journeys on whether we like it or not
whether there is a Republican or Democrat in office
whether I am feeling good or not
whether I am grieving or loving or fooling around
you march on.
Comfort..that's what I take in you
no matter what we humans do
the great plan continues
...getting ready to bring me, and anyone who will stop
and see and be, beauty, grace
of communion

Take my hand dear garden
lets belly up to the
Open Bar Of Joy
and rejoice in each other


  1. Beautiful Sue! Love how you talk to your plants...and oh, that Happy Jack! (zinnia?)

    1. oh dear..yes that's it.....oh it stinks getting old
      ask my husband...I talk to everthing and everyone

  2. What lovely photos from your garden. Maybe your plants look so good because you talk to them : )
    I love the red leaves climbing up the brick.

    1. I love it too...this year it is so pretty...weedy but pretty......and against today's gloomy skies.....perfect

  3. wallowing in your beautiful wisdom
    and grinning at the forget-your-name
    but love you anyway:)
    oh how i relate,

  4. This is a celebration of living!

    This morning, about an hour ago, I looked out the front door. Under the big Blue Spruce in my front yard was a very small squirrel sitting on his haunches like a garden statue. It was just cute!

    I ran to get the big lens to take a photo, but he had scurried up the tree trunk. The scene was broken, but then again, maybe not.....

  5. Lovely tributes to fall as she settles in making room for yet another season. Your words have perfected the meaning of it all. I feel anxious yet at rest after bellying up to your Open Bar of Joy.

    As for the potatoes., they did famously, tho the grower will not use our field any longer...too many rock the same size at the spuds, but the major problem is that the persistent rocks that seem to surface each year, get stuck in the picker chains and slips them off the track...I know, too much information. Anyway, the yield, none the less, was fantastic. Enough to share-a-plenty!

  6. You are wise oh wise one. We do indeed march on. Last night, we walked in the darkness and it was one of the most gorgeous evenings I've had in awhile. A Great Horned Owl flew above our heads as did many ducks, and yellow headed blackbirds. The most relaxing and spiritual moments. Enjoy the garden in its sunset. But I have to admit that the quiet of winter at your place is very nice.

    As for that squirrel. Well that's funny and yet not:) That poor birdhouse!:)


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