Monday, October 15, 2012

While I was away....
the garden has carried on
unbridled, free, wild
A lesson for a poet and writer
be free, unbridled...wild
oh the garden ..she teaches

I walked the garden this morning....chilly air..fresh into the lungs
The ground... wet from our almost tornado like winds and rain
Why ,the rain sheeted over our windows and the wind knocked patio chairs everywhere

But there are leaves that clung to their branches ...not ready to let go
sigh....I know this feeling too....not wanting to let go....face the change that is coming
But there is a time and season for everything
....hmmm...sounds like a '60's song

I will pay for letting this woodbine wander
but ah she's pretty now crawling over the mugo

I think fall is the best time for the oak leaf hydrangea
it is so pretty that you want to just stare at it
but...I like their flowers too


oh I love you for your stamina, you flower

 a  private all of life's moments
the best moments
... this morning when I just looked around
and marveled at the color of the leaves all around me
and the bare branches
There is no turning back
time really does march on
Octobers on

every season in the garden is filled with such private moments
of me and my spirit
and the great spirit
the garden makes it happen
this communion

oh, scarlet

Ahhh.....finally the marigold seeds reached their goal
blooms....better late than never
The flower just as beautiful
almost...more....she stands alone in her glory
I might take her in
Oh this chills me....makes me think how I took myself in
let her bloom late into winter
she's a beauty indeed

"I realize there is a Divine Presence at the center of my being,
I let this recognition flow down into the depths of my being.
Every thought and condition
contrary to the Divine Perfection is eliminated.
I rejoice in the realization."

....Ernest Holmes

flames of red and gold
a burning inside of me
blaze into winter


  1. Absolutely lovely! One of the reasons I love coming to blogs is posts such as this one. Thank you and have a great week!

  2. Your garden is still looking great. Fall is such a pretty time of year - too bad it didn't last a bit longer.

  3. Hi Suz!!! So sorry I haven't been around in awhile. I was on vacation the past several days and am catching up.

    Love all the colors....especially the reds and yellows. I so miss fall back home.

  4. You are such a softy, a romantic for the garden. I, too, love every inch, every second of the change that goes on in our gardens. I cannot say the same for myself, for the changes are happening too quickly. I'll be damned. I'm getting old afterall.
    BlessYa and Yes, we have had flurries but the cabin snow scene is from last year...didn't mean to scareya It's supposed to rain the rest of the week, tho.

  5. oh, how I feel this....time as she Octobers on.
    This is deeply beautiful, Suz.
    Glad thanks for painting my morning
    with such dazzling light,

    1. ah...kindred spirit
      we hold all things close
      a symphony within
      violin vibrations
      ....heart overture


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