Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ah...another sign
the birds are migrating...moving and eating
storing up energy...picking my berries clean off of the bushes and trees
But...heh...that's why I planted them...sigh
So far I have seen
a thrush
a few different kinds of sparrow
 a kinglet
flocks of robins
a blue jay
and a downy woodpecker
Not bad for a morning
But unlike my friend Chris
I stink at photography...but my heart is in the right place


huh...there's Happy Jack
sneaking around...he thinks I didn't see him
take all of the peanuts this morning
Mr. Cardinal watched ME this morning
hmmm.....what was he thinking
chirping around me flying branch to branch

We had a moment starring into each others eyes
I stood there
frozen with joy
down to my feet for this beautiful morning
for these wards
I almost burst...a silent burst
what did I do to deserve this joy
it is a gift
I just unwrapped it


  1. I disagree:) I love your shots. If you saw my garden, you'd shake your head and say, what are you doing?:) Love your little paradise.....and you are so lucky to have so many wonderful birds visit. I hope Harry comes back:)

  2. All those birds in one morning?? Wow! That's a gift in itself.
    You don't give yourself credit when it comes to pictures. They're beautiful.
    You have "unwrapped" a lovely post.

  3. I think you are doing just fine! I always enjoy your pictures and am glad that you enjoyed your 'gift' of the day that I hope is ending on a good note!

  4. They know who to come to...and your photos are beautiful! Love your reds and love that "Happy Jack"!


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