Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Even Van Gogh liked to walk in leaves

Right now it's shuffling through leaves
those glorious remains of summer's life
as they dry and crumble below my feet.

But there is no sadness of this season passing
Winter on the horizon

No, I welcome it
walk in its beauty...all of its beauty
even the fallen beauty
....coat, hat and gloves on
....I even had a fire in the fireplace yesterday
hot cocoa in my cup
pouring through gardening books
for next year
Next year....The good Lord willing
I will once again begin again
my gardening joys
Only next will be less
.....I am happy with this thought
the garden will no less bring me joy
...and wonder and surprises
no it always delivers
I have a few more things to put away
to cut back
a few flowers hanging on....they don't want to go
but they will
Go to sleep I tell them
and when it's time
you can rise and bloom again
but for now
Like closing a book with a book mark
I'll know where to start up again...
where to find joy


  1. I love walking in the fallen leaves. : )
    What a beautiful poem!!

  2. Plus you get a chance to sit down and think about how you want to organize. Love the colors of this painting. Hope you are enjoying the fall. It's one of my favorite seasons:) Walks and hot cocoa sound perfect to me!

  3. Lovely and warm thoughts. I like that painting too; I don't remember it. Nice...

  4. oh! that glorious painting!
    and i feel that way about the season passing, too.
    it's a beautiful sadness
    and then composted hope.
    thanks for sharing things
    in a way my heart can hear,


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