Friday, October 26, 2012

I loved the sound of robins in the yard
I lingered a bit
just to listen
Soon they will be gone
and I will miss them so
So eat up full


  1. Beautiful. What is that plant? The birds must love it.

  2. Suz,

    What a beautiful bush. The birds must really love the fruit it produces. Just catching up on some of your last posts. I haven't been around for awhile but hopefully I'll get back into posting soon.
    Happy belated Birthday to your daughter, such a sweet picture.

  3. But, but . . .
    there’ll be nothing left for winter visitors! Don’t you have any?

    The winter birds will soon be here and eat the hedgerows bare. There’s little to spare this year after the dreadful growing season we’ve had.

  4. eat full.
    i really, really like that.
    sounds like a joyful way to live:)
    love to you and the robins,

  5. so agree with eat full.
    What a wonderful way to describe migration preparation.
    Is that a Winterberry you have in your garden?
    All of ours have long past filled many bird bellies.
    None left for winter wreaths like other years.
    That's ok, at least the birds will thrive from their nutrition.

    On a personal note, are you getting the Hurricane Sandy winds?
    I saw on the news, fools surfing the was wondering if they are doing the same in Lake Michigan?...crazy.
    Hunker Down, my friend.


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