Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Like an angel
like an old loved friend
he arrived on my deck this morning
I fed him warm chicken
and a bit of dry
Handsome ate... then curled up in his heated igloo
and took a snooze
like a beloved pet kitty
From a distance he looks at me and listens to me
call him Handsome
but he will run if I inch a breath closer
He will only come to the food bowl if I close the door
.....I can admire him through the glass
and that is it
But he brought my sagging spirit to joy
and warmth....just admiring him
 He brought me outside myself
good kitty

I think I'll take a nap too


  1. Replies
    1. oh I have been loving your stories
      but I cannot comment on your pumkin blog

  2. Yay! Handsome returns! I hope he'll stay this time and I'm praying that he will warm up to you enough for you to bring him inside so he can enjoy an easy, safe life. I wish my Mr. Darcy would do that, but I'm sort of giving up hope on that. At least he sleeps in the shelter I built for him. It warmed my heart to see Handsome with his nose tucked into the blanket. Bless your good heart, Suz!


  3. It warms my heart too knowing how he trusts you and knows that he has a safe warm home with you!

  4. Good news Handsome returned.
    Thank you for your kind words you left on my blog. : )

  5. Oh... you beauty, Handsome. Stay...

  6. Suz,
    So glad handsome has returned safe and sound.
    We went to the humane society yesterday looking for a special friend.
    It's time I give a pet a loving home. I'm looking at nice cats some young and some older, but I'm not sure what the cat would like? We have lots of land for it to be outside or inside. I guess I'm hoping for a happy balance because I would love the cat to enjoy nature but would prefer it to be safe and sound inside at night with us. Plus I want a cuddly cat with us. I haven't opened up my heart and mind since Spook(my rabbit)passed away and I have missed the companionship every day.
    I guess seeing handsome and what you have done for him to stay warm is making me think even harder.
    Thanks for sticking by my blog when I was down and out and just enjoying life.

  7. Animals bring such joy to our lives, don't they?

  8. Where are you? Are you having problems posting pictures too?

  9. Oh, and soooo handsome, Handsome is~
    He trusts you enough to nap in sight.
    Someday, he will let you in.


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