Thursday, November 1, 2012

wabi sabi

I remember the day I brought this home
in the back seat of my girlfriend's van
She flirted with the store manager
to get him to help us load it up
We laughed all the way back to my house
Then get it up and standing before my husband
got home
Amazing what you can do when you need to
But today as I looked at it...rusting away
bound to the earth
baring many wind chimes cheerfully
I think about my friend...that friend that day
We had a falling out
that has lasted.....
rusting away with hurt feelings
now a patina to the memory of that day
many years ago
when we laughed so hard
of things brought home this day
in the garden
glad that it is closing up
I need the winter to think on things
maybe find contentment

oh my precious garden
again you speak


  1. I'm sorry about the falling apart. I remember reading somewhere that friends come and is forever(whether we like it or not). Each friend serves a purpose. Sometimes they are with us for a short time and others for years. Sounds like maybe a call or better...a visit is needed over a cup of something warm. And if that doesn't work, maybe a little paint can brighten things up:)

  2. Suz,
    Sometimes that just happens between friends. But you still have good memories of that day and that's all that matter. I love this piece and you have put it to good use while still remembering past friendship. Good for you.

    1. I do love it....and she MADE me get it
      .....pushed and pushed me...until I gave in
      SHe loved spending my money...she was strictly a thrift shop girl
      I do miss some things about her
      but she has a very dark side...and I saw it one too many times.....thanks for the understanding

  3. I have been thinking about a lunch date
    ....I know that if she died...I would have regret
    maybe not a renewed friendship
    just maybe a peace treaty
    I think over it as it gets colder outside
    ....and yes paint..would be easiest

  4. I am glad your friend was able to use her feminine nature to get that loaded.That I why I wear skirts when I go to the Depot. More guys are willing to help a lady in skirt.
    Nice find!

  5. Suz, you said that if she died you would have regret, so maybe a 'peace treaty' would be the best thing. If she wants no part of it. . . well, at least you can say you tried.



  6. Hold onto the good and if you two can find peace, wonderful.
    Love the ironwork.

  7. isn't it amazing how
    quiet and profound
    the garden's voice....i never
    cease to be amazed
    at how specific it can be.
    thanks for sharing this beautiful
    bit of wisdom,


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