Wednesday, August 24, 2011

those fairies.....knocking over chairs last night
my my my
more work for me
I hope they had a good time


  1. Looks like they might have had a little too much dandelion wine...

  2. Yes! Looks like they had a rollicking good time!

    ( and I are both speaking of fairies.)

  3. oh oh I love the chairs in the garden---especially the red one!! :D Makes me smile...

  4. At least they didn't keep you awake with all their noise! :-))

  5. Well...I'm glad the faeries that live by me aren't the only ones that are misbehaving, lol.

    I love that garden bench with the bunny sitting on it in your previous post! And about water restrictions and watering at night...I'm guilty of that, too.

  6. Yes, I am sure they had a good time, I know I would sitting on that lovely red chair enjoying all the green in your garden!

    Happy Sunday, Suz xx

  7. Suz,
    What a funny post, that I'll have to remember ever time we have high winds and blow everything around.
    Which is almost always, but now I can blame it on garden fairies dancing the night. Maybe I'll have to supply them with some good old rock and roll.
    I'm going to be adding you to my side bar on my site. I hope this will be ok with you?
    If not please let me know.
    Love the bunny in the last post.


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