Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There's a beautiful irony in this fallen sunflower
lying among fallen and opened sunflower seeds under the feeder
The squirrel must have dropped it here
...grabbed it off of the table on the deck
ha ha...a sunflower I bought at the farmer's market....a seedless hybrid
I only wished I could have witnessed his clever (he thought) theft
I GOT IT I GOT IT..I 'm certain he said in squirrel talk
to the goldfinch singing so beautifully this morning in the riverbirch branches
Now neither of us can enjoy it
but just as well....I had a bad feeling about this hybrid.....
no beauty to pass on.....Why man messes with nature I don't know
But it lays in my garden as a tragedy
and a comedy this day
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  1. your photo and words were very touching Suz... I thought it was a dead bumble bee at first sight, so was relieved it was a sunflower. But then that's sad too. Sunflowers stand so tall and proud and this is so flat and shrivelled. Thanks for sharing :-)
    The Time Sculptor

  2. LOL!!! Squirrels will try anything. I would have loved to see his face when he discovered there was nothing there:)

  3. Thanks Jane....I love bumble bees too and the big black wood bees....and dragonflies, and lightning bugs..and.........all of the winged ones I guess

  4. Rohrerbot.....yeah I bet it was a hoot
    not too often you can get one over on a squirrel

  5. Oh if only I had squirrels ...and sunflowers. Sunflowers I can do next summer but never squirrels :-(

  6. Oh and he was so close!! I'm sure he'll try, try again! :-))

  7. Poor squirrel.
    Perhaps he'll give you up as a bad job and go hunting for seed elsewhere?

  8. Suz,
    What a nice post.
    So dramatic looking the poor dried up Sunflower with no seeds.
    You have a good eye for all things beautiful.

  9. Boy! You must be busy in the basement! No post in almost a week! By the way, I loved the movie.


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