Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm one for letting things be
Like this bonset growing in my garden
I rather like its white flowers in august
But my gardener friends....the snobby ones
think I'm nuts..for it is a bit of a wanderer
but heck, I'm a wench
who am I to judge
If we only let grow what belongs
I'd have to find a new home

and my winged creatures love it
and that is good enough for me
I like to think of myself as Esmerellda
from the hunchback of ND
hanging with the common
noble beings of life


  1. All I can think to say is, "Good for you!" and I am applauding :)

  2. I know that whatever is growing in your garden is beautiful. I have seen some wonderful garden pictures on your blog!

    Hot here in Grass Valley.
    Staying inside and crafting, sewing, knitting and playing with Rocky.

    Have a nice evening...

  3. If we aren't true to ourselves, we aren't true to anyone.
    Our gardens are not for others... A garden should be for the flowers, plants, bugs and us.

  4. awww, Yes, Let it be~
    Let it be!

  5. Absolutely;
    I am more than ever convinced that the odd joyous self-seeder only makes the garden a happier place to be.

    Anyway, that's my excuse and very glad I am that you agree with me.

  6. are ! wonderful
    I knew I liked you
    maybe it is we
    who are the joyous self seeders!


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