Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's cool this morning and the light is passing across the lawn
like a hush
It is one of my favorite times to be in the garden
morning light time
The other favorite time
is late afternoon evening light
I love light

Let there be light

for what it's worth
I agree


  1. I love thisw time of year as well. While I'm not looking forward to winter, I am looking forward to the cool evenings and mornings that are also my favorites.

  2. Without the contrast of light and dark we wouldn't appreciate this amazing world as much.
    "Let there be light" means many things. This contrast should be contemplated in the darkness so we can reach enLIGHTenment.

  3. Oh aren't you just in love with the cool morning 'hush' ... This morning was 58 deg here, chilllllly and I wallowed in it til the sun came up and chased the cool away. I was even taking a few pictures.

  4. Oh I agree, early morning and late evening light is just magical. Light shows things differently at these times of the day, paints a different picture, dances through foliage, and contains so much mystery.

  5. Hi Suz, these photos are beautiful, that little bunny garden ornament is precious. I also love the early morning especially as the dawn rises.


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