Monday, August 8, 2011

Prairie Ironweed
a lovely plant of late summer
It looks so nice with goldenrod
too bad I yanked most of the goldenrod out
in a fit of clutter removal
Oh will return for certain
Someone told me that Ironweed is in the aster family
imagine wonder it blooms in late summer
It is a rather tall plant and the butterflies love it
I only wished that I had planted more of it
I may have to visit a farmers market or two
on the hunt for more of them
Oh garden , my garden
we have been through much this season
but you have always comforted me
and cheered me
and kept me busy

and stilled me
We both are getting ready for change


  1. I would so love to have butterflies in the garden, sometimes I have monarchs visiting but I would like so many more. Enjoy your garden to the full.

  2. Such a beautiful flower. Great shot!

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