Monday, August 29, 2011

I thought this bush was dead last year
but it has arisen from the earth with glorious blooms
and the better thing is that I see
not a single praying mantis!
Or chubby thick white upside down spider on it!
The butterflies are safe for now


  1. It's amazing what you'll think is dead but comes back. For several months this year I had a bush that didn't do anything....and until a couple weeks ago, it began to grow! It's good not to be hasty as a gardener....wish I were more patient;)

  2. I didn't know that Mantis ate butterflies but they will eat just about anything if they can and it's small enough. The are "ambush" predators and fast... so I guess they could catch a butterfly.
    I like Praying Mantis. They eat small grasshoppers and bugs that eat my plants.
    Love the picture of the white butterfly bush. It's beautiful.

  3. Farmlady, I watched butterfly wings sailing by me one day
    and then I saw....THAT DARN MANTIS
    was eating a Monarch!
    as does the fat white spider who sits upsidedown in the butterfly bush....I saw him catch one who landed on the branch
    from that day on....I hunted white chubby spiders
    I used to buy egg sacks for praying mantis...not anymore...
    and do you know when you talk to them about their bad behavior they look at you and turn an angry brown!


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