Friday, August 19, 2011

I bet you think I have been swallowed up
by the garden.....oh, I wish that were so
I have had computer problems up the wazoo
Now, hopefully, I think it is all back to hunky dory
We have had sprinkling restrictions and the grass is showing it
and I confess, I have sinned...
and watered at night in the cover of darkness..
my trees,
my flowers,
my plotted plants
yes, I am one of those
So go ahead and bust me...

I wonder what Mr. Poland, my grammar school teacher would  think of this?
Would I have to write sentences?
"I will not water during restricted times,especially sneak-idly in the darkness"
100 times!!!!

So, not only is my computer fixed, but the water restrictions have been lifted
But I must say, being unplugged from the internet
has been a rewarding experience 
I have spent a lot of time in the garden
sitting and listening
Oh it is a beatuful time
For some reason the Gold finches have been singing quite a repertoire
of tunes in the trees...and it is a sweet pleasure of life 
listening to them.
Yesterday, the yard was full of fliting butterflies
and hummingbirds and hummingbird moths
and my resident field mouse was bravely
nibbling at fallen don't go 
getting squeamish on me....he is just an animal
living where he was born,living how God intended for
him to live (as long as he stays outside)
and he delighted me with his quick moving antics
I was going to tell him....Autumn, which is coming sooner than later
is the time that nasty Harry Cooper'sHawk takes up residence
in the he best be enjoying the summer days
for soon it will be war for or to day
But truly is it any different for me?
for us?
No, I don't really think is fraught with danger
and one false move...or being in the wrong place at wrong time
could be fatal
Or it is just your days run out..the number in the book of life completed.

Like this past week
I went to the funeral of a 20 year old 
son of a caught in undertow
and another friend...pain in the back
non-Hodgkin lymphoma 

you have brought me comfort and joy this week
joy in the insignificant field mouse
joy in the black toad I spotted this morning
sitting in the sprinkler water
joy in the burst of late summer blooms
joy in the sound of the wind chimes
moving in the breeze
joy in the passing of morning light across the yard
joy joy joy
I am so happy this moment for it
may it fill my well
...that I know... someday
I will have to draw from

blessings counted


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  2. Unplugged is a gift until you discover the addiction at hand:) Beautiful post. Life is such a fascinating thing. Here today and alive and what a blessing it is to experience all the joys that surround us. Fall. I am debating a trip home in October to Wisconsin to see the leaves turn. I have a post in September coming up about some decision I have to make on our non functioning pool area. So I need to look intelligent and full of wisdom for the pic. I love your profile pic and am inspired by it. Would you mind if I made a mention of you in my post and tried to get a pic with a similiar pose? It's a great shot. Wise and intelligent with a look that says to someone, "What do have for me?" Have a great weekend:) Chris

  3. Oh but I am sooooo glad you're plugged back in---I know, I know, I too have to leave the computer for periods of time...but you are such a joy to me, and my newest BFF, so I really missed you --- and your gift for verbally sharing your gardens with us. I am so very sorry about those two young souls. This moment truly is all we have. Seize the moment and the joy.

  4. Suz, I missed you.
    You are so artistic with your words even through your heartbroken moments. I loved every second in your garden during your time away.

  5. Chris....shucks.....that's midwest for
    are you kidding me...yeah
    thanks for your kind comment
    Wisconsin....beautiful beautiful state
    with good people....and many artists and writers....and poets
    and the apples in the Fall ...yes, go back to reconnect to your roots
    me wise...hee hee...I'll tell my husband that

  6. Oh Angie, you are so sweet...and I needed that....I need a BFF...and I love my garden...wild and free as it is....with all my being
    Tonight we came home late (for us old folks anyway) and the air was heavy with the smell of wet earth and the sound of crickets and was comforting....

  7. Hi to catch up on everyone else's blogs...I've missed quite a bit...and to Galena...ahhhh
    Funerals of young people is so difficult and yes, so heart wrenching
    Thanks for missing me...I was afraid no one would miss my rattling on about grass and trees and bugs and mice and sky and flowers...and.....

  8. I loved visiting your garden through your words; it's late evening here so I will take your words with me and they shall enter my dreams... even the little mouse, I love them when they aren't near my house ;-)

    It is through the beauty of nature that we are able to survive hard/sad times.

  9. Marilyn I couldnt have said it better
    thank you

  10. Gardening is better for your health than blogging but blogging is better for your health than some other addictions, like... can't think of any!


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