Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I hope I never meet who lives inside this old porch post

I did walk into a spider web this morning
passing under the trellis

I don't know who freaked out the most
me or mr. eight legs


  1. :./ I don't want to meet 'her/him' either!! I must admit spiders really really freak me out...and that is some kinda web going on there.

  2. spiders fascinate me....but at a distance and not in my hair or face!

  3. I'm with you on the spider thing. I don't mind seeing them outside, but once they cross into the 'forbidden zone' of being inside or on me, I'm afraid that admiration changes!!

  4. My mother, who had a great dislike/fear of spiders, always told us that it was just Cedric - all spiders became Cedric to us - but I still liked to keep them at a distance ;-)

  5. And I showed you a Tarantula on my blog post... up close and personal.
    I'm so sorry.
    Please accept my apology, Suz. I don't care for them either.... especially ones with webs.

  6. My daughter has had a spider living in her mailbox for years - maybe it's offspring now i guess. But you have to flip open the mailbox door and then it quickly scurries around the bottom so you can get the mail out! It's creepy.

  7. spiders are NOT my friends.
    i have a real fear of them.
    but as i get older it is lessening.
    i do love birds!

    have a perfectly nice evening.


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