Monday, August 1, 2011

It's still hot this morning
but I sip my coffe in the shade of an umbrella
on the deck and watch the goldfinch at his favorite feeder
..a garden chandelier that I have re-purposed
I need to get some more mulch for my lilies
and I know that I will bring home a plant or two
while I'm there....I love garden centers
and there is always room for one more plant
sultry....the garden is sultry today
...a wench word of joy if you work it right



  1. What a wonderful idea... using a chandalier for a bird feeder.
    That is soooo creative.
    I love garden centers too. Never come home with only what I went for.... always something extra.
    Love that feeder...

  2. Suz! I LoVe your garden chandelier
    now a feeder! What a great idea!
    I shall look for one for my woodlands!Nice look to your blog..guess we have good taste! wink!

  3. What a great idea for a bird feeder!

  4. Suz, you are so creative! I love the chandelier bird feeder. Now I'm going to be looking all over for one so I can do the same thing, and when people comment on it I will tell them I got the idea from my clever friend Suz in Illnois.

  5. victoria...shucks

    the birds love it


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