Friday, May 14, 2010


It looks pretty, but trust me....weeds....
I was going to show you the bad areas...but why dwell in negativity!


  1. Suz, I am in fairyland everytime I get to stroll through your gardens. Loveit
    Have a great weekend

  2. Beautiful - you take such lovely photos too!

  3. Beautiful looks tranquil. You have quite a variety of plant material. Are you a collector? I know I'd like to be...but have run out of room. I like to go to a little plant nursery in Sycamore Il called Blumen Gardens. They have wonderful stock,and it's hard to come home without bringing a few new plants. I forget that they grow up to be large plants!

  4. No I'm not a collector in the way I think you mean....I started out with a ordinary suburban tress..nothing. We came from a older suburb that had trees and lots of shade. My neighbor Phyllis introdued me to at first sight..So goofy me..I wanted my old garden back..So we planted trees..lots of them...and lots of pines...and I began planting under them...woodlands...and most of them took...and then in the sunny areas..I planted sun loving plants...I tried to control the garden for a few years..then decided to let it go as natural as I could..sort of like my own wild area of life....a slice of woodland and sun...It is give and and lose..but I love it all....I want to rip out some mugos they are getting so wide..but last year purple finches nested in them....oh yeah..I love birds..actually started gardening to attract birds still shelter water ..I would love to go to sycamore to see that garden...I love them all..Our home in Galena has nice plants irises peony lillies grasses coneflowers spiderwort...nothing that needs tending....maybe this summer I'll let you know when I'll be there maybe we can meet somewhere...I have been to Dubuque...are you near there? I dug out my half moonedger yesterday..thinkning of garden club would have me...I'm a garden garden is an Open Bar of Joy....bunnies welcome

  5. good attitude.
    oh my gosh, i know just what you mean.
    i'm a bit overwhelmed with the outside work.
    but trying to stay positive.
    thanks for helping.

  6. Everything is beautiful, Sue. I think the art class needs to visit again sometime!

  7. your post is full of grace!


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