Monday, May 3, 2010

I think this is wild valerium. It has been in the garden for 14 years now...We dug it up before the builders came....
Oh that many garter snakes died...and oh the little frogs that appeared everywhere in everyones driveways and window wells ......I saved as many as I could......I still check my window wells for frogs even though we have covers on them.....
I do what I can...and sometimes more
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  1. Suz I always have a lump in my throat as I pass by urban development of our natural wooded lands for the sake of greed from builders!I realize all the homes our little creatures have lost and the price they pay..gulp.
    Lots of frogs..send some to me for my pond..not a frog in sad.
    Wishing you a Happy Mother's day!

  2. you are an expert on gardening,
    how admirable!
    Happy Monday!


    Happy Tuesday,
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    but I would appreciate it if you comment under my poem instead.
    thanks a ton!


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