Saturday, May 22, 2010

A walk in the garden this morning revealed the Siberian irises had opened.
They used to be scattered all through the garden... as I thinned them out. But too much shade had them leaf out but fail to flower.
I will have to move them or give them to my neighbor, who is a happy recipient of anything for her yard.
I actually like sharing my plants, that's how I started...generous neighbors..usually elderly....oh my
I'm not there yet, but when I am...I'll be a cute elderly garden wench! my bounty away!! Joy!
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  1. Sure wish I lived next door to you! You garden is so beautiful and lush green. And, to think not long ago it was all under snow!


  2. What a lovely path you have there. I love the Siberian Iris. Mine are just budding out and soon to pop.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. I love iris'...I have my planted in too much shade, now I know thanks to you that I need to move them. I've been drooling over everyone elses blooms and wondering what happened to my gals! Thanks Suz!


  4. Your garden is incredibly lovely! Isn't it fun to give away or trade plants? My brother took home a night-blooming cereus "start" today and wants some of my odd little iris next time. I have to move them before one of our trees is trimmed. You do beautiful work in your garden, you gardening wench!

  5. cute elderly garden wench!!!!
    That's how my garden got started too.
    I hope to someday share back.
    My perrenials are still too new.
    But I love giving away the plants I grow from seed.
    Such fun.


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