Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today pictures of My Open Bar of Joy

Since December I have been driving one hour each way to babysit my grandson 4 days a week....while my daughter finished school...That done...I thought good..back to the house and garden...
no.....A dear friend passed away with a brain tumor...and my sister in law is still in ICU..but pulling through...and her sisters have come in from Arizona to be with her....and they are staying with us and using my car....and it has been raining all week or it has been very gardening except for a few hours of weeding...oh the zen of weeding
So today when they left to go to the hospital the sun came out......boy that didn't sound right..
Anyway, I got out my camera and went outside to look for beauty....I need it
and to look for joy.....need that too....
and here is what I found to warm my heart............
I hope you enjoy a tour of today's garden


  1. Where are the pictures of your garden dear? So sorry you have been having a go of it, haven't you. God is with you, just carrying you and your loved ones for awhile.
    Hang in there
    Let the suns warmth keep you strong in God's love.

  2. There they are!!!! WoW, how well your garden grows Suz, Suz, quite amused!
    I love the Jack-in-the-Pulpit...we have tons of them in our woods by the cabin. And colombine too. Have you ever sipped their nectar? Tastes like red clover, so sweet.
    Thanks for the welcome tour on this rain-filled day.

  3. Yes, I do love your pictures and your garden and your garden decorations (which My Guy calls garden junk).

    Awful to see those awful cig butts in the sweet dish. OUG.

    We must have had the same First Grade Teacher! Eek.

    Your days will calm down stoon.

    I am still in Tucson assisting my brother after his heart attack and by-pass surgery. He is getting stronger each day. I will return to SF on Saturday. I am starting to really, really miss My Guy and the Rock Star.

    Hugs to you lovely lady.

  4. Oh Dogwood...I knew you were missing in action..but I had no idea why..when did I miss that post....oh so sorrry.....but all will be well and you will return to welcoming paws....and arms....:)

  5. Somehow I missed the photos of the hope to get a peek soon.
    Sorry there seems to be some upsets with loved ones...thinking of you Suz...with love for all of you and a return to good health soon for your SIL.
    Hugs, K

  6. Oh Maggie's, you didn't...Im a dope and posted them in an odd way...
    just keep scrolling down and you'll see them..keep scrolling
    and thank you for your caring words..

  7. Should we have a bottle of wine on Tuesday at Bookies?


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