Thursday, October 11, 2012

The robins have returned in force
picking away at remaining berries on the serviceberries
and mountain ash
and honeysuckle
I saw a kinglet this morning...but like many migrating birds through this area
they flit around so quickly...I couldn't catch them with my camera
but they are a joy to see

the bird bath is empty..too many bathing robins...
what's with's cold outside
The solomon's seal has turned yellow
ahh....autumn marches on

the garden has lost its color and everything seems to bow
to the new arriving season

My elephant ears got nipped last night
Should I bring the bulb/corn/tuber in?

The hornets have calmed down
and the woodbine is turning scarlet
both good things

Oh sit and watch
take in

oh joy....color

I dragged Handsome's igloo out
washed it and inserted blankets
for his comfort
Now to find the heating pad...for the winter
He has been comin by at least 3 times a week
sometimes twice a day
yesterday...a gooky eye
I have a balance in my home
2 females and one young rascally male
I am wondering if it is wise to try and catch Handsome
would..could he be made normal kitty
or would it disturb my cats?
lots to ponder....what if he's sick
what if he injures my Boo
but what if he finds a comfy warm home
to live out his last days?
I know I love this cat......
worry about him...wouldn't move because of him
never told you that one
but it is true.....I also thought of my white oak
would someone else cut it down
or my tulip tree?
I can't leave a single thing in my garden
so I guess you can call me Kizzie
.....stay put
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  1. I love to watch robins in the bird bath. They seem to have the most fun of all the birds there. : )
    Haven't seen a robin around here for a while now.

  2. your home is so warm and comfy...

    and yes, if you didn't read my blog - i am sure this is the first of many Halloween Teas. It was a giant hit! You would have loved it; I thought of you; "where is she?"

  3. Such a pretty place. Bring your elephant ear bulbs in! They'll come back next year:) The Robins are in full force down here as well. Such a welcome sight after a summer of their absence. Hope all is well. Chris


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