Sunday, September 23, 2012

Oh my heavenly Father
look who appeared yesterday
early in the morning
How I love this cat....a feral un-neutered male
who is afraid of humans
but has learned to trust me enough to be able to open the door
and speak to him without him fleeing
Most of you know him...I have been feeding him
and providing winter shelter for him for...10 years
....and then he vanished for over a year
then suddenly appeared again for one day
swollen face, limping, torn ear
gooky eye
...He's been gone for almost another year
and then suddenly he appears
I think he's an angel..who appears to me
arrives at my show hope with a face
In the garden this past year I have felt the presence of a cat
but there is no cat...but I swear it stares at me
and I felt it brush cat lovers know this act that a cat does
to let you know that you are meet with their approval
they trust you...sort of cat love
I thought for sure he was a goner
he looked very bad the last time I saw him
So, I wonder what other human he loves, who else feeds and shelters this scallywag
I haven't seen him today..but his bowl was empty
could of been him or it could have been a raccoon or opossum
Maybe I won't see him again for another year......or never
But I am grateful for this unexpected miracle of love
Grateful that he remembers how to get back to my garden
and back to me
hope with whiskers


  1. What a treat. A visit from an old friend. You must have a way with cats. Loved the photo of your three together in the last post too.

  2. What a touching story. I hope he returns to spend his last days with you. It's obvious that he cares about you and that you love him.

  3. I'm a huge cat lover and appreciate your loving care of the poor guy.

  4. I really love how this little 'lost boy' has found his way to you--I hope you were able to catch a glimpse of him today!

  5. Handsome behaves (this is Handsome?) like my Mr. Darcy. I'm so glad, Suz, that he has come back to you, even if only for a bit...but I'm hoping that he stays this time.

    Blessings to you and all those you love,


  6. Oh Sue. I can't say "i don't believe it" because this has happened before. But, I know...he's aging. Oh my goodness...what a beautiful face. Oh my goodness...what a survivor. Yes, he comes to you for a reason.

  7. hope with whiskers:)
    i LOVE, love, LOVE it!
    thanks for sharing
    this beautiful
    wonderfully crafted

  8. He remembers you, he knows how to reach you, and he wanted to see you. What an adorable creature! You are a blessing to him as he is to you :)

  9. My daughter 'had' a feral cat for ten years, gave her a house just outside on the garden wall, with a heatpad in winter, daily meals and everything a cat would want, yet she still never let herself be touched and always stayed out of reach.
    She lived out her life that way, never coming close but always accepting the bounty provided for her;
    carry on providing what you can, perhaps your visitor will accept a warm spot over the winter; he must be getting old and his bones no doubt ache from his rough life. Some cats are feral and will never be tamed.

    You are another dear one.

  10. Oh my gosh.....from a feral....that is love!!! I had a friend like this as well for a couple years and we were best friends. I hope you see him again. Now I have 3 feral cats who are my guardians each of them and we have an understanding. No kittens!:) And it seems to be working.
    And in return, they can have an occassional pigeon:)


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