Monday, November 28, 2011

We had our first snowflakes this morning
hardly noticeable
I put the pumpkins out for the squirrels
The ground is wet from yesterday's rain
It rained most of the day
while I stayed inside putting up the tree
I put a log in the fireplace, put on Christmas Carols
lit candles,baked cookies
But my eyes were always looking outward
through the the remaining leaves of Autumn
then to the one remaining flower huddling close to the brick wall
The garden is leaving..going underground
dropping its garments....what remains is exposure
enabling me to see the bones of the plants and trees
their structure
Soon it will look like a barren land
not a garden space of joy
But the wards will still come to cheer me each day
and some days I will suffer watching them suffer
bitter cold winds and deep snow
But I must remind myself that winter's blue skies are the best
and seeing my breath on such a day is a thrill
and some days it even feels warm
and winter beauty is a different kind of beauty
it is footprints in the snow...birds at feeders, squirrels with snow covered faces
and of course the stray or two who alway manage to find my door
where they are welcome
On Christmas Eve I put out a special tray for my wards filled with goodies for all
left over bits of nuts and fruit and bread,bits of ham and turkey
to thank them
 for all the joy they bring me
So today I will finish all the house decorating
then I'll take a walk,check out what berries still remain on the bushes


  1. I love the joy you find in your garden wards in winter. Your winter sounds postcard pretty to me but then I don't have to live in it like you do.

  2. I tend to do much more mourning for the passing seasons than memorializing as you do. I need to look forward to every stage.

  3. A delightful photo. I like it a lot!!

  4. Oh please invite me along on your walk to see what berries are left...your world sounds much more magical than mine altho I do try to find the beauty in the sparse and barren...I do embrace Winter...

  5. I wish for snow. It won't likely happen before Christmas, if at all, but I will read your blog and live vicariously.
    Loved reading this post.


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