Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Not just a tree rat,but a ward


I have been without a computer...oh woe
I hope someone has cared, for isn't that the fun of blogging?
The garden is almost put to sleep; we have had some glorious warm days
mingled in with the blasty windy days and chilly nights
This morning I spotted Boo staring out of the patio door
his body rigid ....hmmmm...means something
So I wandered over and sure enough, there it was ..a mouse
hiding behind a remaining flower pot
He was munching on a sunflower seed
unaware of Boo watching his every move
It hasn't been a good week in the garden for me...
one night ago I looked out on the yard before turning in for the night...
I always do.....sometimes I catch a raccoon walking by or a possum
or who knows what else......I love that the wild loves my garden
Well, I spotted two kinds of fur rumbling just beyond the deck....
then I spotted what was a squirrel tail flying around with a possum tail
oh no!
I ...without thinking...ran outside to break up the fight (I have been known to do that with humans too :0 )
but the possum wouldn't let go....so I banged and shouted..until he scampered away
I searched for the squirrel in the dark....couldn't find him
went inside to get a flashlight.....found him.....curled up in a fetal position....a tiny little squirrel
oh dear.....
I covered him with a large flower pot so the possum wouldn't find him
But in the morning he was stretched flat out on the ground under the pot
Oh my little ward...all night I lay awake thinking of ways I could help you in the morning
thinking of which crazy vet would look at you
think of ways to build a nest in the tree to put you in
thinking of everything in order to not feel the great sadness
that I would feel in the morning
I just confess to being a lover of animals...all animals
they are a gift for me from God...they have seen me through many a sad time
they bring me joy.....
I hoped all night
a great thing God has hardwired in me
but this time he said ...no

My little ward was dead in the morning
I buried him under leaves...I think he would of liked that...
my husband will never understand how hard I take
the well being and death of an animal
....I have been like this since I was little...bandaging a garter snake that had been cut
by a lawnmower.....a band-aide bandage on a snake...really
I lost a moment of joy in my open bar of joy
but I always give into the new moment
and joy is always there
..now how do I tell that little mouse that Harry Hawk
loves mice...and would love to meet him? 

safe journey my little friend


  1. Oh Sue...I'm so sorry you had to witness that. I didn't know that about 'possums. (taking on squirrels) You did the best you could.

    and oh, I love that photo of Boo and the mouse! That one needs a frame. What a darling little mouse! And I know, Boo is beautiful.

  2. Do I have your permission to print that prize photo? hehe

  3. Suz,
    The world is just such a better place because you are in it looking out for all animals and mankind.
    God bless your heart.

  4. oh April...of course you can have it...print and copy away...I thought Julie would like it :)

  5. Oh I so understand,
    tenderhearted Suz,
    and share your sadness.
    I love nature but find it hard
    when she is cruel.
    Cannot accept it like my
    wildlife biologist hubby can.
    I can relate.
    Another sigh.
    Hope tonight brings you joy
    from the garden,

  6. Jennifer....how lucky to have a wildlife biologist for a hubby....at least in fantasy life..cause I know in the end they are just husbands.....ha ha
    thank you for caring about my sorrow
    My business man husband thinks it is just nature....no..I think I should take the time to care for each and every creature (human and animal) that crosses my path...
    are we not all part of the same creation?

  7. Sad, but the outcome came about naturally, so to speak, 'cause the squirrels teeth are short and made to gnaw through shells of nuts, like walnuts, and wood, to make nests in old trees. They are not made for biting.

    The possum has long teeth made for biting and killing and the squirrel must have been young and or didn't get that lesson in his personal DNA. The possum would loose to a raccoon but win with a squirrel.

    Sorry about your lose though. We have a possum, now and then, and it comes at night, so far, and has not tangled with the squirrels who only show up in the day light.

    The raccoons mostly night creatures, usually pass through but if the possum was eating something when the raccoon passed by, he would scare the possum away or kill and eat him.


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