Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sometimes I think
heaven opens 
and we see a bit of it
or feel it 
or taste it
It is in the slant of light
illuminating the colors of the leaf
in late afternoon
and in the smell of the earth
wet from a rain
almost fooling me to think
 it could be spring,that is the new life guest
 soon to arrive
The wind has blown warm a few times lately
stopping me at the store, in the parking lot,
stopping me to look at lowly pigeons
scurrying around for bits of nourishment
in the scattered debris of human consumption
Lowly pigeons sharing in the illusion of Springtime
in the throws of Autumn
Soon it will be bitter and the daylight will be shorter
and I will scurry like the pigeons...
scurrying in and out of car and buildings
seeking refuge and nourishment
unaware most times that in winter
heaven opens, too
Today, it is going to be 65
a blessing
The colors of autumn are fading
but they are still to be had
I shall walk in the garden today
fill the feeders and birdbaths
rake a bit
and I shall sit
and enjoy your grace
oh dear Lord
for this marvelous day
a day of life


  1. What a beautiful picture with all the colors.

  2. I love those colors!! I can't wait to visit Wisconsin in December!!! I hope it snows.

  3. ah...I think the only color you will see in Wisconsin in December is w-h-i-t-e...but it will be grand!

  4. Suz,
    What a beautiful picture of the tree's and they're gorgeous colors.
    Find words to think about on such a wonderful day.
    Glad you enjoyed it and shared with us.

  5. What a beautiful poem, Suz. Or is it a prayer? Either way it really spoke to me. Yesterday I stepped outside and felt a warm breeze on my face, and it felt like the beginning of summer rather than the middle of fall.

    Love the colors of those trees.

  6. Oh absolutely...yes, yes!
    I notice heaven breaking through,
    especially in the beauty
    of these words
    by you:)


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