Monday, December 5, 2011

I have needed these little breaks......these walks in the garden
I need to look for joy....
Today it is chilly and the skies are a white gray
not my favorite kind of sky....I could use a heartache blue sky
but I am not the stage gray sky it is
the ground is wet and in some places muddy...with little footprints
from the grand kids a day or so ago when one of them tripped and knock a tooth loose unexpected trip to the dentist followed
But this morning it is just me
I communed with the garden...quietly praying as I took each step
The garden...the ordinary garden...the ordinary
how I wish every day could be ordinary
But the garden reminds me that even in the depths and ending of autumn
heading into winter...there is life
a sudden discovery of a bloom...surrounded with dried up leaves
leaves...leaves that have released and accepted their fate
returning to the earth to become part of her

The squirrels ...6 of them!...are scurrying about
leaping and jumping.....they always bring a smile to my face
 They have found the pumpkins I put out a day ago
Maybe next spring I will have big yellow blossoms
springing up in secret places....maybe I'll have a pumpkin or two
oh joy...unexpected joy and anticipation
yes, I needed this walk
this ordeinary stroll through barreness
that wasn't really barren at all
but filled with joy


  1. A short but meaningful walk. I appreciate the happy ending for beginnings!

  2. Your garden is so special. I love the thought of pumpkins springing up in random places. Thanks for sharing your walk, it was beautiful.

  3. I enjoyed your thoughtful walk in the garden. Take care.

  4. And this post was a joy to read and see, thanks Suz.

  5. I understand this post completely. I walk this garden too.

  6. It was nice taking a walk in your garden with you.


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