Friday, November 4, 2011

While raking, I looked up and saw light
passing through the Japanese Maple leaves
I stopped and beheld
ah...the garden keeps giving


  1. Both this post and the previous one are just beautiful, Suz. You have such a special gift with words; one could envy you... :D

  2. We are surrounded by beauty and when working! : )

  3. Gorgeous photos, Suz. The leaves look like stars. I love Japanese maples.

  4. Beautiful - I have enjoyed visiting your garden of joy again.

  5. Your 'giving garden' is a wonder. I sure wish we could grow Japanese Maples...they are a sight to behold.

    Thanks for stopping by. Do not worry about the wildlife. God will always provide room for them for they are His too. We are only keepers of their land. We also are overrun and are happy to share the bear, wolves, and cougar...I do fear them before taking the time to understand them, much like your fox.
    You do not know how much peace I find with each visit through my long fall.


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