Wednesday, November 23, 2011

who will love the little sparrow...will no one write her eulogy?

The common sparrow
I give thanks for this cheerful bird
ordinary and messy in its nest building
but a tenacious caretaker of its young
And it is nests in my birdhouses
I love to pass by the nursery and hear the peeps
calling for mom or dad
...hungry mouths sometimes reaching their soft yellow beaks out
of the entry
When I stop and speak to them they pull in and mother usually
sits in a branch, mouth full of small moth...and waits
I speak to her too
Don't worry mom...I'm going..thank for nesting here
in my Open Bar of Joy
Sparrows are the birds I remember while growing up in Chicago
No vast gardens in my neighborhood
but the sparrows were always there for this little girl
sometimes dozens of them perching in a snowball bush
chirping so loudly that my grandfather complained
about the noise and the feather and other stuff mess that they left behind
But I loved their cheeriness
...part of my budding love for birds and all things of nature
And then there was the despised pigeon that roosted on the electric wires
in the alley....I loved their cooing in late afternoon sun
This I had to keep to myself....Grandma hated them
I don't hate anything
I now see these poor birds as the underclass of the bird world
brought here by humans.....trying to survive
yes, they are messy....but that must be their way...encased in their genes
and humans brought them here to this foreign environment
and learned to adapt
humans....always messing with things

I will never forget the time I saw one dead in a parking lot
and its mate kept poking it trying to stir it
it did it for an hour

We are all connected in this universe
surely, we must have empathy and concern for such suffering
even in a lowly bird
So this morning I was glad this sparrow
perched and looked at me and posed
 a prince to me


  1. Hi Suz! What a touching post and memory you have of a bird that is sometimes viewed as ordinary--You've reminded us that in nature, nothing ever is.

  2. is so Kim.....if we only let be.. what belonged...I'd have to find a new home

  3. I'm so grateful for you, my dear friend, who can pen my thoughts about birds and nature. I love them all and suffer when I see them suffer. And those sweet Song Sparrows serenade me all year round.
    We humans have created a right BIG mess of things, IMHO. Happiest of Thanksgivings!

  4. Suz,
    I love the way you find the beauty in everything around you.
    I guess I won't look at a pigeon the same way now.
    Sparrow's are such beautiful little birds who just sing their hearts out.
    I just love to listen to the owls at night calling back and forth searching for a mate in late Sept.
    Do you have any Owls near you?

  5. I too love sparrows, I love watching them busily feed. At times, without sparrows, there wouldn't be any birds in my life so I give thanks to them for being here.

  6. Oh true
    and they are wonderful
    actually pretty if you take a good look at them....happy little things

  7. I, too, am thankful for the sparrow.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Suz.
    You have touched my heart with your love of all things 'nature.'

  8. Beautiful, Suz....thanks
    for sharing your gorgeous heart:)


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