Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There is always wonder in the garden
even on the bleakest days
It's my attitude that must be adjusted
to allow me to open up
and see
touch it

I wish you could hear the wind bell
so ethereal
I wish you could see the light
illuminating this glass star
or wish that you could smell the wet earth
one of the gardens best fragrances
It is getting colder each day...but on Thanksgiving it will be 58!
the Creator gives
I must open to receive
The little chickadee in the Alder tree
sings away....chick-a-dee-dee-dee
...better than Pavarotti
...my heart wide open


  1. I love this post---I try to keep my heart wide open for nature's blessings. Happy Thanksgiving Hugs

  2. Suz,
    Wonderful post. I just love the smell of dam wet earth and leaves.
    Too bad you couldn't bottle that smell or have it infused into a candle sent.
    Happy Thanksgiving to on this coming Thursday. Hope you celebrate with a nice slice of Pumpkin Pie.

  3. Those little moments that pass in the garden are quite magical. I had one the other day as I stood underneath our Jacaranda tree....a wind passes by...the moon just rising into the night sky....and it was perfection. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Witch...I will enjoy a small slice...and thank you for all your wonderful comments throughout the year....Blessings to you

  5. rohrerbot.....It makes my heart glad to know that you know such things in the garden too, and that you pause and enJOY them
    Happy Thanksgiving....

  6. Angie....I KNOW you have a heart wide open...blessings to you


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