Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So much family stuff going on
the garden has been neglected these past days
But I have a new visitor coming to the door
I thought at first it was Handsome, but alas, it was not to be
Oh how my heart breaks to speak of that old cat
and how I miss him
Truly I miss his grumpy face at the door every morning
insisting on a certain menu
His royal highness, feral cat supreme
I wish to think of him like my cat, Buster,who 16 years ago got out and never returned
I like to think of Handsome with him now, in an old lady's house...keeping her company
giving her hope, and joy and companionship
...say it is so dear Lord...that there is a place as this for lost pets
Now I am the old lady....feeding this rascal
He is very frightened....so by time I get my camera..he is gone
so excuse the bad photo
The hawk was in the yard this morning..I shooed him away
 My granddaughter wanting to know why
He eats my birdies...I tell her
Maybe he's hungry, Grandma
hhhhhhmmmmm.....she's a bit like her grandfather, I see

As we were eating our pancakes ,two cardinals 
arrived on the deck, sitting on little Handsome's bowls
boy and girl
My granddaughter, Reagan, liked this
...so did I


  1. I hear you on the family stuff. My garden has been completely neglected!!!! Crazy. That poor kitty. You've got a heart of gold and that kitty will be okay. Wild. I think all pets go the same place humans go:) They're safe:)

  2. The garden will wait, family will be gone before long.
    Kitty knows a good thing when he sees it, Handsome put the word on the street :)

  3. Time spent with family should always come before blogging. : )

  4. Glad you are having a great time with the family! :)

    SO excited and happy to hear about the little one on the way!

    Pets can really steal a piece of your heart.. Handsome was a special one

  5. ah-ha! So your family is in! Wondering where you've been and if you got my email. I have your bags here! Need them now? Love your thoughts about Handsome and your old cat being with some kind ol' lady. And here comes this young one to check things out and report back to them. hugs.

  6. Funny how the neighborhood stray cats know where to go to get a food and TLC. Maybe Handsome gave the new cat a hint before he embarked on his next journey.

    How is Mr. Darcy? (Or is it Boo?)

  7. pancake time with the lovies
    is precious...glad you enjoyed:)
    Happy the cats that wander
    to your door!
    Happy last sips of October,


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