Tuesday, July 19, 2011

 The cone flowers and daisies are blooming
and the day lillies and prairie flowers are spilling over the garden
as are the bell flowers, hostas, coreopsis ,bee balm,
joe pye weed,sage, and roses
This I have waited through a long bleak winter to see
and as I bath in all this joy
I look around for what is still to bloom
not much
obedient plant, cardinal flower,
and lead wort
Thank goodness for faithful annuals who give it their all
until frost
All of these friends I have depended on for moments
of joy, beauty and stillness
So fast, like life, this all is accomplished
 along my life's path
in the garden
We have achieved again this year,along with my garden wards,
a wild wonderful place of living



  1. Amen, is right! Your garden is gorgeous. I always find peace here.

    I answered your ?'s on my blog...thanks for catching my error!

  2. Congratulations! Your garden is beautiful and green green green. It's amazing the difference between winter and summer. My garden here is about 1 month behind schedule due to our extreme freeze in February....but I'm hoping to get some pics next month to post. Cheers!

  3. Oh your garden is so lovely. My winter garden is messy and wild so I am enjoying yours. Amen indeed.

  4. I love your garden. It looks a bit on the wild side which is my favorite kind of garden. It reminds me of an English garden.

  5. Looking at a garden as dependable and something that is faithful... what a wonderful way of expressing your "open bar of joy".
    I understand completely.... and to add "Amen" makes this a prayer. How beautiful... a prayer of thankfulness.

  6. I couldn't find your email anywhere so I'm leaving this message here. You can delete it after you read it because it's the only way I could reply to your comment....

    Hi Sue,
    Glad my post inspired a possible story. I think that the idea could be made into an extremely serious story of our society's inability to..... Oh no, you're a
    I can't reply to your comment from here.
    I value your comments and always want to say something in reply. Please go into you
    Dashboard , go to "settings" and below settings click on "comments".. Scroll down to "comment moderation" and check "always". Then, change (in the box) to YOUR email. Then scroll all the way down and click "save settings" DONE! Fast and easy. Send me an email and I will check to see if it worked.
    Please, please do this unless, of course, you just don't want any replies. It is, after all, your decision.
    Now I will go and try to find your email and send this to you.

  7. farmlady....have you forgotten I'm getting old
    can you teach an old dog new tricks?
    we'll see


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