Tuesday, July 5, 2011

 I thought it auspicious that  lilies graced the head of Buddha
 Sometimes these things just happen
..opened eyes see..

It made me think of the lilies I saw when leaving the writing workshop
I saw lilies hugging tree
that's what these opened eyes saw

The garden is in full bloom...live in the moments


  1. Amazing what you see then you take the time to look!!

  2. Beautiful post. I'm trying very hard to 'live in the moment', and most of the time I succeed...sometimes I get buried by worry and forget...

  3. Love the lily "hat" on the Buddha. Or is that his crown chakra?

    Beautiful :o)

  4. ha ha you made my day stac

  5. I love day lilies.
    My Guy and I saw some out on the side of the trail the other day.
    So pretty. Bright yellow just smiling away at us.
    Have a happy and fun day.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

    PS~Buddha looks happy with his halo.

  6. it's your artistic mind and kind heart that gave those chances/pictures a very good interpretation...

    i love it...



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