Wednesday, July 20, 2011

late July heat

 Even in the shade, it is too hot
As I walked onto the deck with bare feet, I let out a loud ouch!
holy moly....could fry an egg on that wood
my poor tootsies
But I had to go out to fill the birdbaths
and ground baths...(for little creatures)
One robin sat on my windowsill...mouth open...looking very distressed
They are my wards after all... it is my duty to care for them
if they happen upon my garden...even in this heat

Yesterday the poor landscapers came to trim bushes (very late and over due I may add)
but it seems there is a shortage of laborers...even those who come here only in the summer
so these two fellas had to do it all
Today I went out early to do my walking
to sit...feel the heat..the sun
the tiny flutter of a leaf overhead
I loved the feel of the cool shaded grass between my toes
a bite of chocolate mint
dog days of summer


  1. I need some of that chocolate mint! I got rid of mine one time - don't know how that happened. Now I have Lemon Balm that is ruthless! But when i see you next time, bring me a sprig. Think I will put it in a pot though.

  2. That's right...I forgot you wanted some
    Ill pot some up
    lemon balm....yikes...Ive got that too
    and it loves traveling
    How are your lilies doing....i have more to pot up if you want

  3. Hi Sue, what a pleasure to visit your garden; to go for a wander through your last several posts is to go for a wander through your patch of heaven. I see why in winter you long for spring and summer.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message on my blog (I will post an update now), and thanks for the big smiles ...giggles... your message gave me. Do you not remember that it is winter here? It doesn't snow where I live but it is still too cool for some things ;-)

  4. Hi Suz, I thought that I had left a message here earlier...

    I have thoroughly enjoyed wandering through your posts, your words and photos are a joy. So much beauty, so much to celebrate.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and for your comment about possible activities at the beach must remember it is winter here and although my winter is very mild compared with your's it's still too cold for some things ;-)

  5. You conjure up the joys of being close to nature excellently well.

  6. Oh this unbearable heatwave within a heatwave we have been having.
    It's a pool/picnic day here, once the shade comes around.
    I miss my Cho Mint! It makes wonderful Sun Tea.
    Thanks for your prayers...they work!


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