Friday, July 15, 2011

thinking of you

  I took a walk in the garden
let it speak to me
God walks gardens, too.

And as I walked along my garden path thinking of you and loss,
I became aware of early fallen leaves.
Who knows why they fell off of the tulip poplar tree?
Maybe lack of water, too much heat..nudged off by this week's storm
But there they were on the flagstone path,
reminders to me that soon all the leaves will be given up
in their appointed time.

And just ahead of me on the path of fallen leaves
I spotted the nodding flowers of the Easter Lilly.
I planted the bulb...but I was not the one who made it bloom.
I think of you .

The garden...a cathedral of zen
see what is before my path
take joy in the song of the robin
let my heart swell with the beauty of the blue shy
know that the apparently dead bulb
lived its destiny and bloomed
in the heat of this summer day
A glorious flower
as am I

stone path shows the way
fallen leaves on summer day
Easter lily seen


  1. What a beautiful way to express your gratitude.
    To you Suz; a flower in your own garden of life.

  2. So many lessons in a garden! Lovely words, Suz!

  3. "A glorious flower
    as am I". Yes, you am!


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